Saturday, February 6, 2010

DNN presents - The Real X Files - Episode Two

Scully: Agent Doggett, I need a minute alone with Agent Mulder.

Doggett: Sure. But I'm taking the last donut.

Scully: Thanks, Agent Doggett.

Doggett: Not a problem. I'll be outside, calling someone about our desks.

Mulder: Well, now that the second string has left... and OW! You slapped me!

Scully: You're lucky I didn't kick you! Do you have any idea what's been going on?

Scully: You could have called, Mulder! Everyone was looking for you! Where were you???

Mulder: I'm sorry, Scully! But I couldn't contact you - I didn't know who I could trust!

Scully: You could trust ME! But you never thought that I'd be worried sick about you! You didn't once think that I'd be afraid you were dead??

Mulder: Scully, I'm sorry about that! But I couldn't chance contact with you! Not after what happened...

Scully: Oh, no, I can't tell Scully anything - it might put her in danger! So I'll just disappear and let her suffer for weeks, wondering if I'm alive, wondering if the next body they call her to autopsy will be mine...

Mulder: You what? Oh, Scully... I never once thought...

Scully: Of course you didn't! The only thing you thought about was your precious quest! That's the way it's always been - you lead and I follow! Well, you know what? I've had ENOUGH!!!

Mulder: Scully...

Scully: No, I don't want to hear anymore! I've got my own path to follow! From now on, I'm deciding where I want to go!

The door opens, and Agent Doggett comes back in....

Mulder: It's HIM, isn't it? He's turned you against me...

Scully: Oh, be quiet, Mulder... Yes, Agent Doggett?

Doggett: Director Malone just called. We're wanted in his office. That includes you, Agent Mulder.

Mulder: How did he know I was here???

Doggett: Heh... He said you'd ask - he said, "Tell Agent Mulder I have eyes everywhere."

In Director Malone's office...

Malone: I'm gonna get that office furniture company for sending this desk.

Secretary: Sir, Agents Scully, Doggett and Mulder are here.

Malone: Send them in.

Malone: The first one of you that cracks on this pink desk is fired.

Malone: Amy Redvines, age five, went missing at 8522 Yew Street some time around 8 p.m. on December 23rd as she and her mother were shopping. Store monitors didn't register anything. One minute she was there; the next she wasn't.

Scully: Sounds like a straightforward missing person case, sir. We're more than glad to help, but how does this involve the X Files?

Malone: Because this case is an X file - Amy Redvines disappeared ten years ago. However, a few days ago, she reappeared and disappeared again. The store where she disappeared, Schrodinger's, went out of business after the disappearance. Recently, the store was remodelled into the campaign headquarters for Democratic candidate Sam Seaborn.

A member of Seaborn's staff saw the girl in the building. She should be 15 by now, but the witness claims to have seen a five year old girl. The witness claims they spoke to the child before she disappeared before their eyes.

Doggett: Agents Scully and Mulder and I will be more than happy to investigate this, sir.

Malone: No, Agent Doggett - you and Agent Scully are in charge of the X Files and will investigate this case.

Mulder: WHAT?!? But I'm part of the X Files!

Malone: The X Files are in good are good hands, Agent Mulder, with Agents Scully and Doggett. However, your tenure as head of the X Files has been called into question, and I happen to agree. I don't like agents who waste the resources and the manpower of this agency on a wild goose chase when there are cases that need work!

Malone: Pending an investigation into your whereabouts and your actions over the past few weeks, to myself and to a Board of Review, you are suspended from active duty!

(to be continued in Episode Three)