Saturday, February 20, 2010

DNN presents - The Real X Files, Episode Four

From Scully's journal:

Scully (voice over): Sometimes it's good to take a break from work. These past few weeks have been wearing on me... Agent Mulder's recent disappearance has made me feel tired...


Mulder keeps calling, but I don't want to talk to him...

Mulder: (voiceover) Hello, Scully? Pick up... please? Okay, I know you're there, so I'll just say it... I'm sorry... you're right; I should have never left you out of the loop... Will you just talk to me?

Scully: (voiceover) Sometimes "sorry" just isn't enough... and actions speak louder than words.

Scully: (voiceover) Agent Doggett and I had a locksmith come to try and open the door, but it remained locked.

Scully (voiceover): A carpenter was called to take the door off the hinges, so that we could get into the room that Mr. Seaborn described...

Scully: (voiceover) ... but there was no room. Nothing but brick wall behind the door.

Our next move would be to get some x-ray equipment to see if there's anything behind the wall. But frankly, we don't have any hope of finding anything... or anyone.


Scully: Not today, Mulder. Not today.

Langly: Agent Scully still giving you the cold shoulder?

Mulder: Yeah. That Doggett guy has her brainwashed against me.

Langly: No offense, dude, but I've worked with Agent Doggett, and he's a stand-up guy. Takes no prisoners; even more relentless than you. He's like that guy in those Terminator movies.

Mulder: Well, if you love him so much, why don't you marry him?

Langly: Funny, man... No wonder Scully dumped you for another dude.

Mulder: (unprintable)

Langly: By the way, I want to take your laptop to a friend of mine who might be able to help you out with your "problem".

Mulder: What? You're admiting that there's something computer related even YOU can't figure out? So who's this guy you want to have look at it?

Langly: It's not a dude, dude... Her name's Audrey, and she's a student at the local university. And she's got mad hacking skills! I think she can help out. By the way, where IS your laptop?

Mulder: It's right here. So when is she coming over to take a look at it?

Langly: She's not coming here; I'm taking the laptop to her.

Mulder: Are you crazy? I'm not letting that laptop out of my sight! Where it goes; I go.

Langly: Chill, dude... man, you're wrapped tighter than Byers and his girlfriend...

Mulder: Byers has a girlfriend???

Langly: Long story... let me call Audrey first and see if we can come over.

(a few minutes go by)

She says no problem and to come over in an hour.

Doll Nation University Student Housing:


Audrey: Who's there?

Langly: It's me, Langly. And Mulder.

Audrey: Hang on a minute.

Audrey: Hang on....

Audrey: Door's open... come in.

(to be continued in Episode Five...)

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  1. Yay, it's Audrey! Can't wait for this! Your Mulder cracks me up big time!