Sunday, February 14, 2010

DNN presents - The Real X Files, Episode Three

The Campaign Headquarters of Sam Seaborn:

Casey: Sorry about the mistake, Ms. Cregg. I'll personally deliver the rest of the flyers this afternoon.

CJ: Thanks, Casey. (looks at the boxes) Hey! How come Senator McAnn gets lids for his boxes?

Casey: You guys ordered the budget boxes for the flyers, which means no lids. I can upgrade you, if you want...

CJ: Never mind. Thanks anyway.

(Casey and Tracey take the boxes out. Scully and Doggett come in.)

Scully: Ms. Cregg? CJ Cregg?

CJ: That's my name; don't wear it out. Sorry; just kidding. Who are you?

Doggett: Agents Doggett and Scully, ma'am. FBI.

CJ: Let's see some ID.

(Scully and Doggett show their badges.)

CJ Cregg: Thank you for showing me your badges, Agent Scully and Agent Doggett.

Doggett: Not a problem, ma'am.

CJ: This is a very sensitive matter, and I'd appreciate your discretion.

Scully: Of course.

In Sam Seaborn's office:

Kara: Dada, Mama... can we play with the little girl?

Davie: We like her; she's fun!

Anna: No; your father and I don't think it's safe.

Kara and Davie: Awww!

CJ comes in with Doggett and Scully:

CJ: Sam, the FBI agents are here.

Sam: Thanks, CJ.

CJ: Kids, why don't you come with Aunt CJ for a moment? We can get ice cream!

Kara and Davie: YAY!!!

(CJ and the kids leave the office.)

Scully: I'm Special Agent Dana Scully; this is my partner, Special Agent John Doggett.

Sam: I'm Sam Seaborn; this is my wife, Anna. So, where do you want me to begin?

Doggett: You're the witness? So that's why Ms. Cregg was so secretive.

Sam: CJ... Ms. Cregg... thinks that if word of this gets out it will be catastrophic to my campaign.

Scully: Why? You said you saw a little girl... one who's been missing for ten years...

Sam: It wasn't a little girl, it was a ghost.

Scully: Are you certain, Mr. Seaborn?

Anna: I'm going to go check on the kids, honey. (She leaves.)

Sam: She disappeared in front of my eyes. I'm positive.

Doggett: Maybe you should tell us from the beginning.

Sam: This was my old office - I didn't always share space with the fridge. Anyway, I was working in here late one night when that door opened...

Scully: It's locked now.

Sam: I know... and it has been since I moved out, thank goodness. Anyway. it opened, and I heard a noise, so I went inside. That's when I saw her...

Sam: Hey... how did you get in here, sweetpea? What's your name?

Amy: I'm Amy... did you come to play with me?

Sam: It's late, sweetie; your mommy and daddy must be worried.

Amy: I have to stay here; I was bad.

Sam: Here, take my hand and I'll call someone to take you home...

Sam: But she disappeared.

Sam: And then I ran screaming like a little girl... yeh, I admit it. And the next day, I moved into the kitchen.

Scully: We're gonna need to get this door open.

Doggett: I can have some guys here in an hour.

Sam: Just warn me before you do... so I can go home.

Meanwhile, behind the door...

Amy: I want to go home.

Little girl: You have to be patient...

Amy: I want to go home! Waaah!

Little girl: Shh, don't cry... we just need two children to come in here... and then we can BOTH go home...

(to be continued in Episode Four)

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  1. EEEEEEEH! Little girls are Creepy! Especially ghostly ones! Loving the West Wing crossover!