Saturday, January 30, 2010

DNN presents - "Worst Outfit Ever!" Episode One

In the Doll Nation University
Student Housing:

Aidan: I wonder what's on TV tonight?

Darren: Your dorm room is barely furnished, but you've got a flat screen tv?

Aidan: Sure!

Darren: Sweet.

Aidan channel surfs until:

"Oops, I did it again/ I played with your heart..." "Psst! Britney, you're on!" "Oops! Sorry!...Hi, I'm Britney Spears! And I'm your host for WORST. OUTFIT. EVER!"

"Now, contrary to popular opinion, just because it's pink doesn't make it a nominee for WORST OUTFIT EVER. What looks bad on one doll might be fine for another. I'm wearing this cute Mattel ensemble... but tonight, we have two outfits from the Mattel Hall of Shame!"

"First up, we present Ticcara modeling this truly HORRIBLE lime green and orange dress. The label may say "Genuine Barbie", but it is also genuine UG-LEE!"

Ticcara: WHAT?!? My outfit isn't ugly! This is a Genuine Barbie outfit!

Britney: Girl, please! You're telling me no one told you how ugly that dress it?

Ticcara: I'll have you know I get lots of complements on this outfit!

Britney: Suuuure...

(Fifteen minutes earlier...)

Chandra: Hey! You in the ugly dress! How did you get into my room?

Ticcara: What? My dress isn't ugly!

Chandra: Suuure...

Ticcara: Oh please, like you should talk - that outfit you're wearing is "Worst. Outfit. Ever! - the 10th Anniversary Special."

Chandra: Girl, I will snatch that weave right off your head!

Ticcara: Eeep!

Darren: Oh snap! Girl fight!

Aidan: Sweet.

Britney: "Womanizer, woman-womanizer... ""BRITNEY!" "Oops! Sorry! ... Ahem, and my next guest is Nichelle from the Generation Girls who is wearing...Hey! You're supposed to be wearing that outfit!

Nichelle: It was bad enough I was SOLD IN STORES wearing this outfit - I'm not putting it back on! And I'm supposed to be studying FASHION DESIGN in my Mattel backstory! Who's going to buy this clown dress- Ringling Brothers???

Britney: Heh, heh, heh... Ringling Brothers. Good one.

Well, that's all the time we have this week for WORST. OUTFIT EVER!

Britney: Hey, Nichelle, want to go party?

Nichelle: Sure, but you'll have to change out of that sparkly denim skirt... and that pink top? So not happening!

Britney: WHAT?!? I'm Britney, %$*&!!! I can wear what I want!

Nichelle: Suuure...


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